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RMWriter Product Overview

The RateMate™ RMWriter provides the technology to write and manage policies online along with tracking and accounting features for policy maintenance while supporting efficient online communication with clients and the insurance company.  

RMWriter builds on the basics of RMQuoter:

  • Compare company rates and plans.

  • View Loss Analysis.

  • Generate and print quotes.

RMWriter makes is easy to write policies:

  • Write a policy online.

  • Submit the policy to the company and to the client via email.

  • View policy premiums and discount information.

  • Use the Saved Quote feature to avoid re-entering data.

  • Client information is entered once and stored for future use.

RMWriter makes is easy to manage policies:

  • Clients can view existing policies online.

  • Clients can endorse policies and email to you to edit and submit.

  • Make policy corrections online.

RMWriter provides tracking and accounting features:

  • Invoice clients.

  • Track losses.

  • Track payments and loss credits.

  • Email loss notices to the company.


Try RMWriter for yourself! Complete the online forms to see how this powerful tool works. This demo only contains a small set of sample data to let you see if  RateMate™ RMWriter is right for you. Click Product Demo to try it out . 

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