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In an effort to meet our customer's needs, RateMate™ is continually working to improve our products!  We are introducing functionality and adding new features that you requested.  Here are some of our most recent additions:

New Feature in RMQuoter - Plan Selection

You can now select all the policies available for a given company in the RMQuoter program.  This is how it works:

  1. Sign in to the RMQuoter program.

  2. Select the state, county, township and range.

  3. Select the single company you would like to work with.

  4. In the "Plans" section, you will see the button now shows the selected company.  Click that button.

  5. The plans are resorted and the selection box now lists only the plans available for the selected company.

  6. Continue with the rate comparison.

New Feature in RMQuoter - Printing Reports

The RMQuoter now allows you to control the look of your Rate Comparison report by selecting how many townships are printed on each page. Additionally, each page will now contain the company and plan information for each column of rates. To set the number of townships to be printed per page:

  1. Sign in to the RMQuoter program.

  2. Select the state, county, township and range, company, plan and crop information.

  3. Step 10 has a box to enter townships per page. Enter the desired number of townships.

  4. Click "View Report" to see the report layout online.

  5. Print the report to see the printed version.

  6. Continue to adjust the number of "Townships per page" in step 10 to find the right setting for you. 

  7. To set the default for all future reports, select "Preferences" from the menu.

  8. Enter the "Townships per Page" information and click the "Accept" button. Future reports will now print in the same layout.

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