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RateMate™ Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

RateMate™  recognizes that it does not own the user profiles or demographics you, our client, supply on our site through the client application process. Therefore, we will not sell, exchange, rent or otherwise distribute your personal information without your explicitly stated permission.

Personal Information
RateMate™ gathers personal information about you when you register at our site, including (but not limited to) name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. If you are an agent and write a policy on our site, we collect information concerning the farmer/grower, as well as specific information relating to the policy(ies), including any endorsements and/or losses he/she may have. If you are a farmer/grower and write a policy on our site, we have already collected your personal information for inclusion in the policy.

Use of personal information
All personal information gathered at our site is for the purpose of ensuring we know who is using our site (thereby keeping the site secure for our clients) and streamlining the online policy writing process. We need to ensure that all farmers/growers applying for a User Name and Password at our site have an active relationship with a crop-hail insurance agent. Farmers/growers will only be able to write policies with companies who have authorized their agent to represent them. Our site compares the information entered with information supplied to us by our client agencies; if you 'match-up' with that list, we can allow you to access our quoting and policy writing features. This selectivity serves to protect us, the agents with whom we have agreements, and the grower/producer, by keeping unauthorized persons from benefiting from the services we offer.

Rights to Personal Information
You retain full rights to the information contained in your user profile. Even if subpoenaed by the courts, the courts must first explicitly demonstrate their right to the information contained in your user profile before that information can be released to the courts. In all other cases, unless required by law to provide the information from the profile, strictest confidence is required for all user profile information.

On-Line Crop-Hail Insurance Policies
RateMate™ shares the policies written online ONLY with a farmer/grower, his/her agent and the company on whose paper the policy is written. We cannot and will not make any promises concerning the integrity of these entities; we can only pledge to keep our end of the bargain: no individual, business or other entity, private or public, shall gain access to personal or policy information through RateMate™ unless we are given explicit instructions that we should release this information. (Please note: If you instruct us to release your personal or policy information, you must specify what information to release and when and to whom it should be given.)

If you should decide to terminate your use of our services and request deletion of your user profile information, it will be deleted with no other copies available through any other source.

Use of Cookies
RateMate™ uses cookies to facilitate movement through our website. In particular, we store basic information to enable us to move through the processes of writing and maintaining crop-hail insurance policies. We do not store any personal or financial information in cookies.

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